Coloring Pages for Relieving Stress

No doubt, you've noticed the latest craze to hit the adult self-development market: coloring books. Their popularity has grown since they arrived on the shelves of stores several decades ago. People were slow to embrace them at first. They were associated with children's entertainment rather than as a potential pastime for a grown-up market. Nonetheless, as more adults recognize the benefits of doing so, they are as comfortable coloring pages as they are meditating.

Healing mindset

Ask anyone who meditates, and you'll be told maintaining a state of calmness has healing benefits. Numerous studies show when people relax into a meditative state, their brainwaves, heart rate, and health improve.

Research shows a similar pattern among people who engage in art therapy. The results may not be as profound as those produced via meditation, but they are positive. In fact, coloring pages are particularly useful for those who find meditating difficult. Using pencils and crayons to color printed patterns is less challenging.

Regular practice of any mindful activity helps lessen anxiety and create a healing mindset. According to author and physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola, "Coloring activities do more than help relieve stress. They also help train your mind to focus on one activity. Also called mindfulness, this activity will help reduce stress, improve your memory, reduce your emotional reactivity, and improve your cognitive flexibility."

People become positive thinkers when they aren't under pressure. Mindfulness lets them release pent-up emotions instead of pushing them into the unconscious. Hidden feelings always arise at some point, often as poor mental health. Coloring books can be part of emotional maintenance, preventing the rigors of everyday stresses.

According to Mercola, stress has a negative impact on the immune system. He reports "the effects are felt throughout your body, affecting your immune system and triggering systemic inflammation, which contributes to numerous different illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, insomnia, weight gain, and an impaired immune system."

Once anxiety is reduced, people are likely to heal faster, or at least cope with situational discomfort better than when they are stressed. Diseases may also not develop.

Stress relief from being present

Coloring pages relieve anxiety quickly. Their impact on the brain is simple, yet powerful. When you focus on adding color to printed pictures, you become present in the moment. Since most concerns stem from what's happened or fear of what could occur, while you're coloring, you're in a stress-free zone. Living in the here and now liberates you from worries.

Creative expression

As well as pulling you into the present, coloring allows you to engage in creativity without demanding artistic talent. Simply adding color between the lines is easy and fulfilling. Most people report feeling satisfied and relaxed as they engage in their hobby, so much that they notice an improvement in temperament.

Relaxed attention

If you haven't succumbed to using coloring pages yet, you may be surprised to discover it improves attentiveness. Students have taken to engaging in their pastime while listening to lectures. Doing so helps them to relax while concentrating, which is necessary if you want to retain information. The subconscious mind learns best when people aren't tense, and the calm attention gained from coloring brings about the necessary state for acquiring knowledge.


Coloring's ability to reduce anxiety is due in part to its influence on thoughts. Thoughts can be habitual. Hence, you may worry about the same old topics over and over. When you repeat concerns, you become hardwired to do so again. Your brain makes worrying simpler by connecting neurons that support your endeavors. You can alter the way you think, though, by feeding your mind with positivity.

Coloring pages consist of positive images or beautiful patterns. When you pour attention into observing an uplifting subject matter, you can't help but feel good. Your mood lifts and thoughts turn to happiness. If you're addicted to worrying, as many people are, immersing your mind in the act of coloring beautiful images might change your way of thinking.

Relaxing routine

The human mind enjoys routine behaviors, especially feel-good habits like coloring. Practice often, and you will develop positive anticipation. You'll come to expect to carry out your hobby, knowing it will relieve anxiety. Once you link the idea of stress reduction with your routine, just thinking about carrying out the activity can bring relief.

For the best results, aim to use coloring books at a particular time like during the evening as you unwind. Creating a relaxation ritual including coloring will relieve stress. Also, carry out your hobby in a tranquil environment to aid the association between calmness and coloring. Ensure you're comfortable and find your surroundings pleasing. You might like to listen to soothing music and light a few candles.

You can also color just before a stressful event such as a job interview or exam to calm your nerves. Since you will have already forged a link between the activity and feeling relaxed, you'll quickly find relief.

Coloring pages might be the answer if you want to reduce stress, improve focus and immunity, and adopt a calm mindset. Select a coloring book with patterns or pictures that appeal to you. Also, set up a link between calmness and coloring in your mind. Your brain will be primed for tranquillity whenever you get out your colored pencils.

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